D + J

What can I say? I have AMAZING clients. D + J came to me through a referral. The results are stunning. It's like they've done this before (they claim they haven't). I felt as though all I had to do was click my button, they posed themselves. They gracefully switched into different positions. You can feel the love they have for each other radiate when you're in their presence. I am blessed to have the clients that I do. Ahh!



Wow! It's crazy how fast a year has come and gone! I remember how amazing it was to take M's maturity photos. What amazes me even more is seeing M+A's son for the first time and recognizing how much of a resemblance A is to A. This family is absolutely beautiful. I'm thankful for their love, support and loyalty as my clients. It's an honor. Here is a peek of their stunning shoot.